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2018: A year of the High priestess and the Moon

What a powerful energetic year we've stepped into. There's a huge energy change compared to 2017. 2017 for me was a year of building the strong foundations to which I get to build upon this year in 2018. We moved from a 1 year to a 1/21 year. 2017 (2+1+7=10, 1+0=1), a 1 year, was all about the I Am. The focus was on you, your world, and your desires. It was about the mastering of the self, The Magician.

My word for 2017 was Financial Abundance and I realized everything that I worked on or that came up for me to face prepared me to experience that Financial Abundance in 2018. This year, the word that came in is EXPANSIVE. Wow! I was not expecting that word but I also noticed that it began its work before 2017 was over. I felt my soul gifts, my intuition, my impact, my reach, my healing capacity and my ability to dive within all expand in ways that are so exciting to me. What makes this year so Amazing is this, what you intend, manifests quickly. Why? We stepped into an 11/2 year.

The Year of the High-priestess and the Moon.

Last year was a 1 year, Activations and New Beginnings. And although it was a year of New Beginnings, it was also a year of Endings as well. All that no longer served us were brought to the surface for us to see, feel, experience and release. And for some of you, you are probably still purging and releasing in January. It's totally okay! Keep releasing. 2017 was a fast-paced year, like a raging river and if you weren't grounded and prepared, you were swept up. You would think this year would be even worse since it's a double one year. But here's that truth, 2018's energy is more grounded and balanced because of the number 2 it brings in with it. The 2 is feminine in nature, the Divine Feminine. The 11, activating in its nature, represents the Divine Masculine. It's also an open portal for you to receive all that you desire. 2018 is the year of Cooperation and partnerships. We switch gears from a "Me" to a "We". Success this year lies in how well you work with others to achieve your dreams.

"The 2 Universal Year focuses on love, emotions, and relationships. The energy of the 2 Universal Year takes the spotlight off of “you” flying solo and places the focus instead on “us” and what partnership means to our lives. The energy of the 2 Universal Year supports slowing down, becoming more social and getting intimate with our emotions." - Astro Twins

The 11 is the catalyst for this year. It brings in the energy of Mastery. We are being asked in 2018 to be the leaders we are mean't to be. No longer do we have the need to follow Guru's as we realize and step into the wisdom of our own Inner Guru.

"The Master numbers prod all of us to “master” our lives in ways that are more elevated than usual... Eleven is the number of spiritual illumination. The number 11 visually resembles a doorway and it acts a threshold to evolved consciousness. The energy offers deep and profound healing at a core level. This “healing” might not be apparent from the outside. It’s a shift in perspective that changes us from within. This year, we can use our creativity and insight for the benefit of humanity. " - Astro Twins

We are in for a treat this year. Take out your pen and journals, write down your goals and intentions, your dreams and aspirations and let's get to work. So much love to you all. Look out for my next email where I talk about upcoming yummy offerings and how to work with me this year. The doors to my Moon Goddess Academy is still open for enrollment. Divine Radiance and Love coming at you!

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