Ignite Your Cosmos: Activating Your Divine Blueprint

The purpose of a DNA Activation is to Activate⭐ and Awaken⭐ your Highest Potential so it can be fully Realized and Expressed.

Are you ready to:

☀️Activate your psychic powers and intuitive gift
☀️Embody your higher self
☀️Live your soul purpose and divine service
☀️Move through any blocks and resistance that come up easily
☀️Increase your vibrancy and magnetism

Your highest potential lies in the activation of the 12 codons of your DNA. It is said that we have only tapped into a small portion of our potential because most of the codons of our DNA are still dormant. Scientists have discovered what the physical DNA strand comprises of and what each codon represents but they are still discovering what the spiritual strand, also known as junk DNA, is all about. Scientists now know that what they thought was junk, is actually not junk at all.

Let me break it down for you.

We have two-strand DNA, one physical and the other spiritual, as above, so below. There's actually a third strand that activates after the physical and spiritual strands have been activated.

In the physical strand, there are codons expressed as our hair color, eye color, how tall we are, the shape of our faces etc. Your physical DNA strand tells you how you unique are physically.

The same goes for our spiritual DNA. Each codon also has an expression. Your spiritual DNA strand tells you what makes you unique spiritually.

Are you ready for this?

🌹The 12 codon activates your oneness with God or Divine

🌹The 11th codon activates your Archangelic lineage. Yes, we are connected to an Archangel and this tells us about our service to humanity.

🌹The 10th codon activates your connection to a master of light, your spiritual mentor who has chosen to work with you in this lifetime. Badass right?

🌹The 9th codon activates your connection to your group soul or soul family. For those of you looking for your soul family, this is it.

🌹The 8th codon activates your individual soul expression. This is how your soul wants to be expressed and flow.

🌹Your 7th codon activates your connections to your spiritual monads. Are you an Earth seed or star seed? Which star is your soul from? This codon answers these questions.

🌹The 6th codon activates your connection to your Higher Self. Very important connection!💜💜💜

🌹The 5th codon activates the wisdom of your archetypes and your wheel of life. Yep, we all have 12 main archetypes that represent who you are on all levels.

The 4th codon through the 1st codon is connected to your elemental bodies.

🌹The 4th codon activates the element of fire, representing our spirit and connection to the divine.

🌹The 3rd codon activates the element of Air, representing our higher minds and thoughts.

🌹The 2nd codon activates the element of water, representing our emotions.

🌹And the 1st codon activates the element of Earth, representing your bodies, physical realities, and your roots.

Light flows from the 12th codon to the 1st.

The 1st codon is usually deactivated or barely has any light for most humans.

Activating your DNA brings light into all 12 codons of your spiritually DNA strand which then pours into your physical DNA and finally activates a 3rd strand of your DNA.

We are Multidimensional beings after all.

So what happens in a DNA activation with me?

With the help of my Higher Self and Divine team, I walk you through a visualization where I connect to source light and channel the unfiltered divine light into your DNA strands and into each codon activating them in the process.

What do I need to do during this process?

Simply be open to receive the light and watch everything transform around you.

How does this work?

This is a group program.

Once you register, you will be added to a private group on facebook where you will receive all the course contents.

What is the financial investment?

The investment is $1212.

With this sacred Investment, you receive:
🔥A private facebook group
🔥Access to me through messenger
🔥And you get to take a before and after pic so you can see your own vibrancy and transformation.

**Due to the energetic nature of my work, there are no refunds**

Looking forward to working with you in light!

What are others saying about the program?

"When I read your post about the DNA Activation I knew I had to do it. What has unfolded over the last couple of weeks...

Oh, I have been trying to find the words to fully articulate it.

Like the doors blew off.

Like I have access to more of me and more of God.

What has happened in two weeks?

Manifesting over 100k in new business!

I have felt it physically but not in a way like you might think. I haven’t been sick or sluggish.

Like I’m moving how I imagine the superhero Flash does.
Like all of the Universe is propelling me forward.

Thank you for offering this! It has been incredible!"

-Adrianna Monique Alvarez

 Trailblazer, Rich Witch Divine Channel, Serial Entrepreneur

"I loved my DNA activation with Abigail. It was so powerful and I instantly noticed some really big shifts in my body and surroundings. Things were more magical and easy after receiving these sessions. I did these activations when I was pregnant with my second child and this helped me remove so many fears and energies that were not mine.


This made my life move smoother than ever before and it helped me activate my intuition and step into a greater sense of love and trust which ultimately helped me have the most amazing transition into motherhood.

I highly recommend Abigail’s DNA activation as you receive so much from a divine healer. Abigail makes you feel so comfortable with her soothing voice as she guides you through the process and she has such a great sense of humor and makes it really fun."

-Crystal Pawlus

Intuitive Womb Coach



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