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Connect with the Miraculous Authors


Anne F. Matoke

I  Had A Dream

"It is my passion and mission to show families how to start a conscious living by using products that positively impact the planet, the person, and the people and how to create an impactful life through WATER.


Aisling Melchizedek

Surprises on the Ascension Path

It is my desire and vision to write with the divine flow to help inspire others on their journey of Awakening and Empowering themselves so that we can all begin to remember who we truly are by origin. 


Elsie Blea

Finding Peace

"I have faced many challenges including the loss of my youngest daughter who passed at 34 years old.   I know through adversity, prayer, and positivity, a person can get through anything."


Honey-Marie Love

Gratitude Multiplies Miracles

"I am an intuitive psychic medium who uses her gifts as a spiritual life coach and energy healing teacher to help you shift from surviving to thriving. I help you to create inner peace and healing; physically, mentally, and spiritually."

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Jacob Melchizedek

The Willingness To Let Go And Become

"Full of compassion and wonder, I create a space to get in touch with your innate nature, feeling aligned and one with your soul purpose. Living my highest conscious unique expression, I am passionate about assisting the embodiment of your sovereignty as co-creator of New Earth."


Jen Zangrillo

Finding Color

"I empower lightworkers to heal from trauma and conditioning to discover their gifts, freedom, and light."


Len Blea


"I am an energy reader, energy clearer, and holder of space. I channel universal energy and hold sacred space." 


Michele Joy

It's Never Too Late

"I support beautiful Souls to peel back the layers of their trauma programming in order to reconnect to the truth of who they truly are. Using a combination of spiritual mentoring and energy clearing transmissions, I support my clients to raise their frequency and their consciousness levels, so they are able to move out of a victim state and return to their empowered Soul Sovereignty; fully connected to their Higher Self."


Patricia Wald-Hopkins

The Miracle Of Light Language: Awakening To My Soul Voice And Purpose

"I support my clients as an Akashic Records Wisdom Guide using various healing and transformational modalities, including essential oil perfumes, crystals, and light language to support them to embody their Infinite Self."


Richard Melchizedek

Today, I Will Make My Life Better Than It Was Yesterday

"I mentor and empower Starseeds and leaders of light all over the world to come into their soul calling and embodiment during this monumental shift and global awakening. I have been guiding Starseeds to truly step forward and out of the 3D realms of consciousness to awaken to their energetic gifts that they have come into this lifetime to understand. I have a calling to help Starseeds to find their true sovereign path of organic ascension."

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