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Unlock Your Infinite Self

This is not your typical meditation or spiritual tool.


My Gifts of Spirit Program is a Dynamic Meditation Intensive that takes you beyond the typical use of meditation and guides you to the wisdom that transforms you into a powerhouse and a magnet to attract all that is in alignment with your heart, spirit, and soul, expanding your capacity to receive more blessings.

You will be journeying through time and space to receive sacred keys that will unlock these 11 key areas of your life:
1. Enlightenment
2. Personal Empowerment
3. Love
4. Physical Health
5. Abundance
6. Imagination/Creativity
7. Intent
8. Spirituality
9. Your Mind/Higher Mind
10. Your Heart / Higher Heart
11. Your Body (All 4 levels)

I invite you to take a soul journey through the power of meditation.

In my Gift of Spirit program, I will be guiding you on 13 powerful journeys.

Journey 1: Creating your Sanctuary

Journey 4:

The Earth element and Mama Gaia

Journey 7:

Your Group Soul

Journey 10:

The Masters of Light

Journey 2: Receiving your Spiritual Keys and Unlocking the door to your Higher self

Journey 5: Balancing the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within

Journey 8:

The Water Element

Journey 11:

The Archangelic Realm

Journey 3:

The Air Element and the 5th Dimension

Journey 6:

Your High Self and your Spiritual Family

Journey 9:

The Fire Element

Journey 12:

The inner child

Journey 13: Connecting to Source

What you get from this:

🦚Calm the mind. 

🦚Peace within the mind and heart.

🦚Connecting to the inner fortitude that will keep you steady, grounded and balanced on the outside regardless of what's around you


🦚Trusting yourself and your Intuition.

🦚Call in your soul family.

🦚Open your Heart to love.

🦚Open yourself to miracles and blessings.

🦚Strengthen your connection with your Higher Self, Inner child, Guides, and the Divine.

🦚Balance and Harmonize your inner Masculine and Feminine sides.

🦚Learn to communicate with Spirit.

🦚Understand your life's medicine through your Power Animal.

And so much more.

How it works:

Once you are signed up, you will be added to a private FB group where each week you will receive a meditation transmission to tune into and focus on. You will have a sacred container to share your experiences as well as have access to me via facebook messenger.

Looking forward to guiding you on this journey.

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