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The Light Prescription

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Are you feeling stuck or burdened, whether it's in your body, mind, heart, or even on a spiritual level?

Discover Your Path to Healing and Liberation


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Life can be overwhelming, leaving you feeling stuck and burdened in various aspects of your being.

But there is hope!

I invite you to explore a unique offering that has left countless souls amazed - "The Light Prescription." 

Heal, Transform, and Liberate Your Soul

Transform your life with a personalized light language prescription, carefully crafted to help you overcome challenges gracefully and easily. It's like a direct connection to your higher self, your divine team, and the divine guiding you toward healing and liberation.

How it works

1. Click on the "Pay" button below to purchase this offering.

2.  You will be directed to a form where you can input your information and specify the areas where you currently need support.

3.  I will establish a connection with the Divine, your Higher Self, and your divine team to channel a personalized light language transmission designed to support you in the specific topic you've provided.

4.  You will receive the transmission as an MP3 file along with accompanying notes. These will be delivered to you via email or through messenger, depending on your preferred choice.

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What People Are Saying About The Light Prescription

“I’m so grateful for my experience with Abigail‘s light language prescription. I received the light language from Abigail and a recommendation to move my body. I listened to it the first day and it was nice, no changes, nothing noticeable. The second day I listened to it, it was nice, no changes, nothing noticeable. The third day came and I woke up with such sorrow. My heart was heavy and I had a lot of emotion in my body that had come up. For the first four or five hours I was awake it was very intense. I allowed myself to feel those feelings and cry and scream and really get all the emotion that was in me a space to express itself very deeply and fully. I listened to the prescription again later that evening.

My request was for the prescription to allow me to resolve and dissolve and express and let go of anything that is holding me back from being in full resonance with the creation that I have manifested in my mind, that I know that I’m moving towards. To have the discipline and the availability to hold space for my clients and my family as I move deeper into my career and soul calling as a speaker of light languages among other things. I requested the allowing of the financial flow as I move into my soul purpose full-time.

That third day was exactly one week ago and since then I have had 5 new and established clients booked sessions with me. This shows me immense proof that I did release blockages and get more in resonance to gracefully hold space for more abundance in receiving and giving. 

Thank you, Abigail.”

- Charmaine Neighbors

"My soul thanks you, I loved it. My experience felt like a soul balm with spirit essence falling lovingly upon ancient cells.  My body absorbed a strengthening to a deep divine connection within, and by the end of the seven days l heard it speak out, I'm Tara, a heart star here to support, and help with love." 💜🌟🙏

- Tara Haynes

“I asked for a Light prescription to help me open myself to receive. I listened to the prescription according to Abigail's recommendation, and within a couple of days, I began to notice a difference in both what was coming into my life, and especially my perception thereof. By allowing myself to listen and welcome the Light prescription into my being, I became far more open to not only receiving gifts from the Universe but perceiving them as such--my outlook, in general, was more positive and open.

Thank you, Abigail!”


- Birna Sigurbjornsdottir 

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