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Hello Beautiful!

My name is Abigail Mensah-Bonsu. I am an Intuitive Quantum Goddess Coach, a Leader, a Teacher of the higher mysteries and a Multidimensional Healer. She is the creatrix of the Moon Goddess Academy and the Moon Goddess Circles. She works with goddesses who feel disempowered in life, who are trying to call in their beloveds and have lost their sacred connection with themselves and the divine. She works deeply and richly with the goddess in EVERYthing she does. I help facilitate powerful transformations in my clients by inspiring, activating and empowering them to step into their power, awaken their sacredness and co-create with the divine to manifest the life and the beloved they desire with ease and grace. 


I earned my Bachelor of Science in pre-med and Psychology and a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese medicine. I studied in the Practical Spirituality Mystery School where I was initiated as a spiritual Alchemist, a Kabbalist, a Ritual Master, a Shaman, a High priestess as well as the arts of Healing on a spiritual level. I am currently studying at the 13moon mystery school deepening in the Divine Feminine Priestess Lineage. 


I combine all the teachings and initiations I have been blessed with to help you return to your wholeness by bridging the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, bringing your body back to its original balance and teaching you about the magnificent healing capabilities of your sacred body.  I Awaken and Empower my clients to their power center, their womb, and teach them how to live a passionate, empowered juicy life. 


As a Twin Flame united with my beloved Twin Flame,it is my mission to guide Twin Flames to each other as well as to guide them on the path of Unionship.

In this Twin Flame energy, I am also able to help you find your beloved and bring you back to the unconditional love of the divine that you are.   


I Am a woman of many tools and this gives me the ability to treat and heal you on all levels of wholeness and wellness; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and able to help my clients break down the hidden blocks and illusions that are preventing them from living and expressing the best version of themselves and thier life.  


Abigail is an Awakener, an Activator, a Shakti goddess, a cosmic mover, a shamanic shaker, here to awaken you to your truth and your greatest and highest self and destiny.



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