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Eclipse Season survival guide

“Behind your Pain is Power. And behind your Power is your gift to the world.”

Happy New moon in Cancer and welcome to the opening of the Eclipse season.

Do not fear this time. Eclipses are powerful times of transformation and Alchemy. Eclipses help us to recognize those deep seeded programming, wounds, limiting beliefs and baggages that are still holding you back as well as help you to release them.

Release what is ready to be released and call in what you truly desire. Heal the old wounds or trauma and let go of the karmic experiences.

The eclipse season begins today, July 12th, with a partial solar eclipse and a New moon in Cancer. This new moon/eclipse brings our attention to our emotional needs, family, home, and our sense of belonging.

There will be two others that follow: the Full moon and total Lunar eclipse in Aquarius on July 27th (this will be the most intense) and the New moon partial Solar eclipse in Leo on August 11th.

The Eclipse season ends with the New moon in Virgo on September 9th.

Remember, on top of the eclipses and lunation, there are 5 planets in retrograde on top of these energies. Jupiter, the planet of Luck and Expansion just went direct, woohoo! That's a great thing as we are getting ready to Expand and grow.

The other planets in retrograde are as follows:

Mars (June 27th - Aug 28th): This planet governs our Drive, Energy and Initiative.

Saturn (April 18th - Sept. 6th): Governs discipline, our fears, challenges, responsibilities and Life lessons.

Neptune ( June 6th - Nov. 25th): Governs our dreams and visions, creativity and illusions.

Pluto (April 22nd - Oct. 10th): Governs major changes, Power and transformation

Chiron (June 5th - Dec. 9th): Known as “The wounded Healer”. Chiron is not a planet but rather an asteroid. It teaches us about our deepest wounds and how our healing powers resides from there.

Mercury goes retrograde on July 23rd - Aug. 19. Mercury is the planet of communication, the mind, technology and our thought processes.

Here are some things you can do to help you ease through this intense times:

  1. Salt baths

  2. Sage, better yet Palo Santo especially when things get really intense

  3. Journaling

  4. Meditation

  5. Nature

  6. Calling in your personal divine posse (Angels, guides, masters of light, guardians etc)

  7. Surrender into the transformative energies of the eclipse season

  8. Pay attention to what's coming up for you

  9. Self care during this time is a non negotiable

  10. Let go and release whatever is ready to go

This is not a time for you to walk around with eyes closed and armors on with fears in our hearts but rather a time to go within, contemplate, and meditate on what is coming up for you. Surrender to the flow of these powerful energies. Be gentle with yourself. Cry if you need to. There will be plenty of that. Crying is the soul’s way of cleansing itself.

Scream if you need to. Makes sure is not directed at anyone or causes harm to anyone. Seek support and ask for help when needed. What is yours is yours and what is for others is for them. Don’t take on other people's drama or put yours on others. We are all on our own journey.

Find time to process through your lessons and journey. This is you processing your life, your journey, your relationships, your community, your purpose, your business, finances, personal development, spiritual development, and Health.

This is a great time for us to make some big changes in our lives and get our shit in order. So dive in, surrender, trust that all is right.

Know this, the divine, the universe will never give you what you cannot handle. You are equipped, strong and ready.

Let’s do this!

Abigail Mensah-Bonsu

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