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Are you a Gifted Intuitive, Healer, or Channel ready to Unleash your True Potential and Increase Your Visibility?
Then let me introduce you to Oracle

Step into the sacred realm of divine wisdom and join us, extraordinary women who channel, as we unveil "Oracle" – a transformative multi-author book that beckons you to share your messages with the world.

In ancient Greece, seekers of clarity and inspiration embarked on pilgrimages to the temple of Delphi. There, the oracle served as a conduit, bridging the mortal and divine realms, and imparting profound messages and prophecies.


Today, as we navigate the intensity of our times, we too yearn for guidance and reassurance.

Within the pages of "Oracle," you will encounter a treasure trove of channeled messages, meticulously brought forth by women, such as yourself who possess the gift of invoking the divine. 

These messages go beyond personal insights; they serve as beacons of hope for humanity, reminding us that no matter how daunting our circumstances may appear, the sun will always shine again. 

Each word embodies the truth that we are inherently powerful beings, and through our connections to the divine, we can illuminate the path ahead.

"Oracle" gathers an extraordinary sisterhood, united by their commitment to sacred ceremony and their willingness to open themselves to the divine flow of wisdom. 

Through their unique channeling gifts, they offer messages of upliftment and inspiration, touching the depths of your heart and soul. 

We eagerly present this transformative anthology, eager to bless and elevate all who read it to new heights of understanding and peace.

"Oracle" stands as a testament to the extraordinary power of connection, love, and unity. 

We invite you to become part of this sacred tapestry, contributing your unique voice to humanity's collective healing and awakening.

Embrace the profound wisdom and love that flow through YOU and embark on a journey of self-discovery. 

Together, let us unlock the limitless potential that resides within us all.

With heartfelt excitement and anticipation,

Abigail Mensah-Bonsu


Welcome to Moon Goddess Publishing!

We are so delighted you are here, beloved.

If you are here, you have heard the call to amplify your voice and message.

You have heard the call to step up to your next level of expansion.

If you are here, you have a message within you that is being called forth to assist humanity at this time.

Our Multi-Author book program is designed to support you in sharing your authentic heart-centered journey with the world in a way that empowers and blesses you and the readers.

People are waiting to be inspired, moved, empowered, and uplifted by your story!

We are here to create a legacy of positive change and if you are here, you are too. 

Watch the video below to learn more about ORACLE.

Global Visibility

Elevate Your Income

Amplify Your Message

Expert Authority

Increase the Value of your Business

Collaborate, network, and cross-market with like-minded leaders

Are You Ready to share your story and co-create these divine masterpieces for humanity at this time?

Here is some client love:


Being in miraculous was amazing. It allowed me to speak my truth about things that need to be talked about.

I feel like I'm part of a spiritual family that really gets me.  It's been wonderful working with you. You not only kept us on track with time but you also were honest with everything. You make sure everyone is included and knows what's going on. You're upfront about everything and you respect privacy if somebody doesn't want to be in the Limelight. That is very refreshing because respect is very very important. It's been really nice working with you on so many levels because you've allowed things to happen that wouldn't have happened on my own.

It has helped me to expand by being able to step into who I am more and more.

Len Blea


What a beautiful blessing connect with a powerful visionary of New Earth.


Abigail really made this a sacred experience to share my story. Everything aligned flowed perfectly together in beautiful cosmic stream of abundance. 


This was the push I needed to start writing about my life which I know will help inspire so many people.


Thank you so much Abigail for providing this amazing opportunity. I can’t wait to  

co-create with you again soon.

Richard Melchizedek


It has been such an honor to co-create miraculous with you. I loved every single moment of the journey.  

Being in Miraculous has opened magical things happening in my life. From the way, I show up, to the way I choose to write my contents. It has made me be in no fear of showing up authentically. The journey is Miraculous 🙏❤

Anne Matoke


The Miraculous book journey has been a sacred and powerful place for my authentic soul voice to emerge. Abigail and the group of people she called in for this collaboration are truly miraculous beings of light and love.

The experience has supported me to reach so many more people with my light language and work because of the potent synergy of the group and the mastery of Abigail as its Creatrix. It has helped me feel held in a safe community of love and integrity where I can truly express my gifts and receive so many blessings from the other participants and community.

Patricia Wald-Hopkins

Jacob Dodds.jpg

Abigail is a very radiant person who shines her inner light and shares her wisdom freely. straight from the heart. She is also very supportive. I couldn't think of a better person to have as a publisher/visionary. Being one of the authors of Miraculous has been such a gift and helped me to be more in my truth.. more in my power. And to co-create with such wonderful people is a real blessing and has created a beautiful network of like-minded souls - family.


Writing this chapter has encouraged me to write more and know I have something worthy of sharing. To know I am assisting others to be empowered through this book is a gift that I feel honored to be a part of. So grateful for this experience. Much love, ❤

Jacob Melchizedek

#1 International Best Selling Book


#1 International Best-Selling Book in 13 categories

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