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You are the Creator of your Life and Desires.

As I was watching this artist pouring the medium and creating beautiful art with all the different colors, a thought popped into my mind.

This is how manifestation and creation works!

We spend all our lives finding the right colors and tools to create what we deeply desire. Then when is time to put everything together to create on the blank page of our life, we either freeze or go for it.

We freeze out of fear, and out of thinking what we need to create our desires is not complete yet. It's basically never complete. And so we waste time continuing to search and search and search.

We move forward with what we have with faith. We put the colors and tools together and pour what we have onto that blank page and see what comes out of it. Here's the magic in this. If it doesn't look the way we desire it to look, we can change things and create more. What happens when we more forward with faith and trust is that we create a foundation template upon which we can build upon.

Where ever you are in your life today and what ever that next phase is, you already have everything you need to take those steps. Trust in yourself, trust in the power to create what you desire and have faith that all will turn out exactly as you wish or even better than you ever dreamed of.

Besides, you are not alone, you are constantly co-creating with powerful divine and universal forces. Be aware of these energies and ask for their support.

You got this!

Abigail MensahBonsu- Ulmer

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