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Super Full Moon, Amplified Energy

Happy Full moon everyone!

I've had a lot of people tell me that this full moon's effect, although amplified, hasn't been that crazy for them. And that is because this super full moon is in the Earth sign of Taurus blessing us with the nurturing and groundedness of the sign. Full moons are great times to release and let go. Releasing any though patterns, habits, emotionally baggages that hold you back from stepping into your greatness, shining your unique frequency of light and steeping into your power. Full moons are great times to do releasing ceremonies.

This super full moon in Taurus brings us the gift of a new vision that is after we release that which does not serve us anymore. A new vision grounded and anchored down in the new energy we just received from the 11:11 gateway. So here are some questions to ponder upon this super full moon.

What new vision are you ready to anchor down and ground in this new Energy?

And what are you ready and willing to let go so you may make space for this new vision?

Clearing and releasing

I am going to share with you a simple clearing exercise you can do on the full moon. Find a quiet space and light a candle. Close your eyes and take in some deep breaths to center yourself. Imagine you are surrounded a luminous white bubble of light. Drop your consciousness into your heart space and ask this:

What am I ready to release and let go?

Write down on a piece of paper, anything answer that comes in. Don't overthinking it or try to understand the answers. Simply receive and write it down. when you are done, now the fun part. Go outside to a safe area where you can burn things safely. Take your list with you under the moonlight. Read you list to the moon. when you are done, light the paper on fire and burn it completely. Once it's completely burnt, the releasing ceremony is done. You can flush the ashes or bury it or throw it in a running river to complete the ceremony.

Filling yourself up

Now that you have release the energies that no longer serve you, it's time to bring in your new vision. You are now ready to ask the second question:

What vision are you ready to anchor down and ground?

You can use that same process above to center and drop down into the heart space. Quiet your self to receive your new vision and again write it down. It may come in a form of series of pictures, words, sound or a feeling. However it presents itself, simply receive and trust that it will all come together in divine timing.

These are powerful times we are in, especially as we get closer to the end of 2016. Be gently with yourself. drink plenty of water. what ever emotions come up, allow, observe and release. Keep a moon journal to document your experiences during the moon faces. Join a moon circle and be with other moon Goddess.

Many blessings unto you.

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