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2021 Release Ceremony

Thursday, December 30th, 4 pm MST


This is a live group ceremony. 


A sacred invitation!


Join me in a ritual ceremony to close and release 2021 as we prepare to step into, embrace and embody the new year.

This is a powerful ritual I walk my clients in my Goddess Unleashed program and my Moon Goddess Circles through at the end of every year. This time, I'm opening it up for anyone who feels called to step in as well. 


It sets the tone for the new year. Enter 2022 ready to embody and receive all that it has in store for you. 


Step in before December 1st at a special price of $199.

(Price goes up to $299 after Dec. 1st)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will there be a replay?

If you cannot make the live class there will be a replay link available to you that will be emailed to you within 72 hours.

Where can I go to learn even more about this topic?
I'm so happy you asked! There are two ways you can dive deeper with me on these topics. 

1:1 mentorship - Learn more here.

Goddess Unleashed: A year-long  group program - Learn more here.

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How will I access this ceremony?

You will receive an email to add the link to your calendar shortly after your purchase.


The Masterclass will be live on Zoom, and the replay will get emailed to you within 72 hours after the class ends.

What is a Ceremony?

A ceremony is a unified ritualistic event with a purpose to connect to something sacred or a higher power.

To deepen into this wisdom and learn how to dance, flow, co-create and understand the energies of 2022, join my golden program, Goddess Unleashed for 2022.


When you join Goddess Unleashed before December 25th, you will receive this powerful ceremony as a bonus 

What People Are Saying:

"Abigail has a unique ability to guide others on a journey of confidence, knowledge, and empowerment. Her carefully crafted tools Enable you to start the year off feeling in charge, hopeful, and enlightened. Armed with confidence and insight, there is nothing you will not be able to face this year! Abigail truly walks you through a magical and empowering experience with such authenticity and kindness. Don’t hesitate to take this program!! You will learn methods and tools to help you succeed this year and many years to come!!

-Tamra P.

“I honestly have never started a year so excited, clear, and calm.

Abigail Mensahbonsu-Ulmer’s process is pure magic and SUPER practical.

I say jump in and do this. You will be SO glad you did."

-Adriana Monique Alvarez 

“Do it! This program has given me confidence and tools to tackle anything that comes up this year.”

- Olivia Skari

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