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Honor your Sacred circle.

"Are you ever doubting if they are happy for you? "

Such a powerful and true talk about creating friendships. It's something I am very conscious about. I am picky as to who I bring into my circle. My energy is worthy and I choose to surround myself with higher frequency, joyful, abundant, powerful, amazing people. It's a non negotiable.

Boundaries are huge for me because I know the capacity to which I serve and share my gifts. And those in my circle get to be showered in all sorts of ways by my magic and they do they same for me.

So if you are not on my level or even surpassed my level, I know what will end up happening. There's no fulfillment or nourishment in those relationships. It's always being the teacher, always giving and none or not enough balance. I used to be so drained and unhappy until boundaries set in from knowing my worth and what I have to offer.

You would be lucky to have me in your circle. And I say no to anything that is not worthy of my amazingness and magic.

Now, this doesn't mean be mean to people who are not worth of your amazingness. You can be sweet, nice and a blessing to everyone. But when it comes to your inner sacred circle, be honest, be conscious, be bold, be courageous, be a warrior of love and protect the gem that you are. Everyone wants a piece of you and wants to be in your circle but not everyone gets to be a member of your inner sacred circle.

Be picky with who you choose to bring in your circle and energy. Know who you are to the core and set your divine boundaries. Make this a non negotiable and you will excel in ways you never dream't of.

Cosmic Radiance and Divine Love Coming coming at you!

Abigail Mensah-Bonsu, Divine Goddess Academy

Start watching from 25min in.

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