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Spring Equinox and Energy Forecast for the week

Hello hello, and Happy Sunday,

We begin this week with the Spring Equinox, a powerful day of Equilibrium and balance. The Spring Equinox is when the day and night are equal. The light begins to grows afterwards. What a great and powerful way to begin the week. The spring Equinox is a great time to bring in the new, which means Spring Cleaning. Ways you can bring the new energies in include:

  • Opening all the windows in the house to bring in fresh air.

  • Bring in fresh spring flowers like Daffodils, Tulips, Violets etc

  • Do some spring cleaning to clear the stale energy.

  • Spiritually cleanse your home through Burning some sage and walking around your home clearing and blessing the home.

  • Plant some seeds in your garden and take take of your house plants by watering, switching out or adding new soil.

  • And the most important step is to go for a walk outside and listen to the birds sing. Take in the awakening of nature around you.

  • Go into meditation and call in the energies of Rebirth, Growth and Love and send it to mother earth. See, sense, feel the energies coming down from above your crown, through your body and into the earth through your roots.

  • These are simple yet powerful way to attune to the energies of Spring and to jump start your internal energy.

Your Cards for the week:


With this card, we are reminded to begin the follow our hearts and have faith that the path ahead is safe and clear. All obstacles have been removed from your path. You have the green light.

Emotional Breakthrough

This card is all about emotional transformation, Release and Freedom. It is safe for you to express yourself in all that you do. When you all your true self to be expressed, your relationships with yourself and others deepen.


Through faith and trust our hearts and our path, we experience true tranquility. Tranquility is when we trust that all is taking care of by the divine and that everything will fall into place. Uprender your worries and doubts and find peace within.

Overall, it’s a great week to start something new, try new things, clean the home, open your windows, wear spring colors, bring fresh flowers into your home. It is time for Rebirth, New Growth and Love.

Have a fabulous week.

Cosmic love and light coming to you!

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