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Happy Women's day!

💙I Am the Woman of my Dreams💙 I am Love Divine💥 I am Empathetic and Intuitive I am Strong and Confident I am Unshakable I am the calm in the eye of the storm I am Joy Divine🌞 I am a clear Channel for the Divine I am Resilient I am a Master Teacher and Healer I am Love and Loved𐩕 I am Strong willed Powerful and Magical🦄 I am a Healer and Catalyst I am an Alchemist, A Magician I am Rich in Spirit and in many areas of my life I Am Shakti I am Goddess The many faces of the divine feminine I am Beautiful and Radiant🌹 I am the Bridge between Heaven and Earth, Spiritual and Physical I am Balance The yin and Yang in Flow I am Playful in Divine Innocence I Am a Master and I walk with the Masters of Light I Am a Woman of my Dreams💙

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