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February: Month of the Playful self and Self Love

Happy February! Welcome to the month of Self Love and the Playful Self Archetype. Wohooo!

Time is just flying on buy and that's the energy of a 1 year. It's quick like a rushing river.

But this year, we are being called to bring it back to us. This month is all about upleveling on ways you can love yourself more.Today, I was guided to draw 3 cards to start this month off right. And all three cards were goddesses highlighting the Divine Feminine that is st work this month. When we think of February, we start thinking about valentine's day. We immediately start thinking about what we can do for our partners or if single,you start thinking about having someone to celebrate with.

Freya is here to remind us that we all go through phases and cycles of growth. When one door closes, another opens up. And for every ending is a new beginning. Wherever you've been praying for change, it is here now and it's happening. And with these ending, illusion are being revealed. It's time to face these endings and leave behind all that doesn't resonate with you.

Brigid comes in to assure us that we can do this. That we have all the strength needed to do this within us and all around us. She is here to help us channel our fiery energy and passions into something that is important for our growth. Call om her to bring to you her sacred flame to burn away anything that's not serving you anymore and to bless any new projects you have in mind. She says: " your spiritual fire is growing withing and recognize that the power of your soul is greater than you think. There is a powerful force within you and you have the ability to create wonderful changes in your own life and inspire those around you to do the same. Call on me to light the way ahead."

Joan of Arc comes in to remind us to always speak our truth. She says: "Stand strong and don't give up on your mission and purpose. Follow the will of your soul and exercise your leadership spirit by speaking your truth. Approve of yourself. You are not here to prove yourself to others."

This is definitely a power month. Stand up, be strong, and speak your truth and watch magic unfold in all areas of your life this month.

Much love

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