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Goodbye Darkness, Hello Light

Goodbye to the Dark.

Hellooo to the Light!

Happy Winter Solstice!

It is time to dive within, to transmute the light and to begin Illuminating. Here’s what makes this solstice powerful and even more perfect. As you know, we are also in the beginning of mercury retrograde. The mercury retrograde is giving us the gift of Slowing down to review how the last nine years have been for you. Why review? Because there in your journey, you will find the Golden seeds you will be planting in 2017.

With the light returning on the Solstice, we are bringing the light within. Imagine this light like a flashlight helping you to review the past nine year cycle, which is ending this year.

What worked?

What didn’t work?

What needs to change?

What were your dark times?

What were the highlights?

The Golden seeds resides within the answers, resides within your journey. There in the darkness, lies the Golden seeds you will be planting in 2017.

So on this sacred day, yes, it is time to celebrate. Celebrate your journey. Both the light and the shadow. Find the Golden seeds in your journey, especially during the dark times. And begin to illuminate. Nourish your seeds with the growing light within.

On this sacred solstice, ask yourself this question:

How do I bring in more light for this upcoming year?

Review, Slow Down, Transmute and Illuminate.

Happy Solstice!

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