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Indigo Magic

"Within the Silence shines our indigo light,

This quiet wisdom illuminates our inner sight.

The still, small voice that speaks from our core,

Is the guidance of our soul that we can't ignore.

Through our imagination we create what we believe,

with our healing dreams a peaceful world we weave.

when guided by the light of Spirit within,

We trust our intuition and our knowing begins."

- Rainbow Warrior Awaken

This was the Card I pulled today. As I drove to work listening to Lisa Nichols Audiobook, Abundance Now, goosebumps all over my body with the truths I was hearing and realizing.

We create our reality!

Everything we think about we create. What we also feel, we create. I realized the difference in energy when I finally stepped into the Creator Being that I am in alignment with the Divine. Big shifts began to occur in my life. I see myself, my path and my service clearly. All because I took that step.

No more beating around the bushes!

No more procrastinating!

What's left is simply the truth of my reality and making sure it matches what the divine has in store for me. My reality is a reflection of my Spirit reality. And if I fall out of alignment, I recognize, center, refocus, clear, and realign.

Here's the truth.

Ask Questions!

You have to be willing to ask for what your desire with clarity and passion and know and trust that the universe will deliver in a great way. Also ask for anything in the way of it to be cleared. Ask what you need to do to manifest it.

Don't be afraid to ask. In order to receive exactly what you want or desire, you have to ask exactly that.

"I don't dance around the perimeter of the person I want to be;

I step in fully and completely."

-Miracles Now Card deck

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