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I found this old writing of mine and it brought an important time in my life. The day I decided to open up and live. The day I decided to begin breaking down the walls of my heart and feel. The day I decided to awaken to my humanity. For the longest time, I had been living in the spirit world, mainly as an escape. I did not want to be on earth again. The separation from my spirit family was traumatic to me. I came to earth kicking and screaming.

Here's the thing, I have already been here too many times. I really wanted to be done, graduated and moving forward. But I had to come down one more time to assist the earth in it's powerful Transition, Awakening, Evolution, Ascension. It was time for me to do this one more time. So here I am, with all that I need to make this happen. It took me along time for me to get inside my body, like fully, adjusting, integrating, listening, recognizing this physical body of mine. This sacred vessel that allows me to experience life in it's fullest.

So I would like to share this with you in hopes that it will reignite your fire, awaken you and attune you to the beautiful divinity that you are. You are here for a reason. You carry within you a unique crystalline light that is needed. It's time to wake up.

Wake Up!

Be Here Now!

Much love to you.

And blessing your with divine source light.

We seldom come across times Where we get to drop and let go of everything in our past And look forward to what is to come To be able to start all over again This time This time I am going to have more fun This time I am going to meet new people I am going to speak my mind... And say exactly how I feel I am going to live free Free as an eagle I am going to allow myself to experience more And love more I am going to be open to new ideas I am going to live my dreams Like there is no tomorrow This time This time I am going love myself, love who I am and who I’m going to be I am going to be true to myself I’m am going to recognize and accept my true nature I was created to be exactly what I am right now I am perfect in the eyes of my creator And that is all that matters A new beginning is a blessing That comes once in a while And I am going to make the best out of it.

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