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The Alchemist

Alchemy is the transformation of Lead into Gold and the Alchemist is one who identifies the Lead within and by activating and tapping into the divinity that they are, changes that into gold.

When I made the decision to walk the path of the alchemist, I had no idea what it would entail but I was very excited to learn, to activate to expand. I knew Alchemy had to do with changing basic metal into gold by transformation. What I learned changed my life.

Lets bring it to the physical. What is the lead and what is the gold?

Lead is heavy and can weigh you down. So bringing this to your life, what weights you down? What zaps out your light? What depresses you? What are the aspect of self that you know doesn't benefit you anymore?

The "lead" within your life is what is ready to be released, emotions, mental thought patterns, habits, etc

So what is the Gold how does one change these into Gold?

The gold is what is obtained after the transformation. For the transformation to occur, you need this important tool; The Divine Light.

Working with the Violet flame will help you shed and begin the transformation process of your "Lead". Calling in the Golden light of the divine will create the transformation into Gold. The path of the Alchemist, is identifying the "Lead" in your life and using the divine tools to transform, awaken, expand and step into a new consciousness.

Alchemy is brining light into ever part of your life.

Alchemy is find the beauty in everything.

Alchemy is optimism.

Alchemy is smiling even when your day wasn't that great.

Alchemy is helping someone go from sad to smiling.

We are all on the path of the Alchemist, creating transformations within ourselves and other every single day, where small or big.

Who is the Alchemist?

You Are!

What is Alchemy?

Your Life is!

You get the Picture?


Below is the Alchemist prayer to help you release that which you are ready to let go and to bring in major Light to support and amplify your light.

Much blessings unto you Beloved.

The Alchemist Prayer

"Oh, most singular and unspeakable Presence, first and last in the universe, heighten the fury of my fire and burn away the dross of my being. Cleanse my soiled soul. Bathe me in your awesome Light. Set me free from my past; cut me loose from my boundaries. Unite me with the One Thing hidden in my life, wherein is my only strength. Fill me with your Presence. Allow me to see through your Eye; grant me entry to your Mind; let me resonate with your Sacred Will. Make me transparent to your flame, and fashion me into a lens for your Light only. Transmute me into an incorruptible Stone in your eternal service, like the golden Light that surrounds you. (Compiled and translated from various Latin and German Renaissance works by Dennis William Hauck.) ********************************* Seal Me in Thine Divine Light! All holy and hallowed Trinity! Cause me to sink into the abyss of Thy limitless eternal Fire, for only in that Fire can the mortal nature of man be changed into humble dust, while the new body of the Salt union lies in the light. Oh, melt me and transmute me in this Thy holy Fire, so that on the day at Thy command the fiery waters of the Holy Spirit draw me out from the dark dust, giving the new birth and making me alive with His breath. May I also be exalted through the humble humility of Thy Son, rising through His assistance out of the dust and ashes and changing into a pure spiritual body of rainbow colors and ashes and changing into a pure spiritual body of rainbow colors like unto the transparent, crystal like, paradisiacal gold, that my own nature may be redeemed and purified like the elements before me in these glasses and bottles. Diffuse me in the waters of life as though I were in the wine cellar of the eternal Solomon. Here the Fire of Thy love will receive new fuel and will blaze forth so that no streams can extinguish it. Through the aid of this divine Fire, may I in the end be found worthy to be called into the illumination of the righteous. May I then be sealed up with the light of the new world that I may also attain unto the immortality and glory where there should be no more alternation of light and darkness. Amen. 2 (This Medieval German prayer was first translated in Alchemy: The Art of Knowing by Jeremy Catto, p 53-55.)

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