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what is the New Moon Awakening within you?

Oh man,

I don't know about you but this new moon is quiet powerful. My dream last night was power packed. I was reminded of something I've been doing in dream time since i was a child. In the dream, I was guiding lost souls in the light and also facing the dark ones that didn't want to pass over and because of that was demonized. I had to call in my spiritual team as well as my physical team to help me out. It got so intense that i had summon mama Gaia to come up to help me send this entity, that had possessed a man, back to the earth.

I can still feel mama Gaia's energy coming up, creating powerful trembling in the earth, kicked up rocks suspended in the air. she came up and exorcised the entity. It was a powerful dream. This is a gift i have had since childhood. It stopped earlier this year and now it's reactivated again. The Channel, the Medium and the Warrior. These gifts and Archetypes, reactivated.

So what new gift has been awakened within you?

What old gift has been reactivated for you?

Pay attention to your dreams from now till the end of the year, especially in the New moon energy. Pay attention to the messages you receive both in your dream time and wake. You are being shown your soul purpose and soul gifts.

Be Open to Receive.

And if your are experiencing any blockages or resistance, use this powerful clearing statement to clear it up.

"Any blockages or resistance and the energies attached to it, I Clear, Uncreate, Delete and Destroy now from all time, space, realities and dimensions now."

Then fill yourself back up with the Divine source Golden light, coming down through our crown and filling in every single space, organs, muscles and cells within your being. And also see, sense, or feel it surround your body as a bubble of light.

This exercise will clear away the blocks, realign you with the divine and amplify and raise your vibration. These are powerful times we are in. Get ready to expand, grow and activate your true self.

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