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"Rainbow Warrior Awaken!

Something within must die.

If you allow the fire to burn to ash,

The phoenix will arise and fly.

Do not fear Transition,

For death brings life anew.

The Rainbow Door awaits you,

Will you let yourself go through?"

from the Rainbow Warrior Awaken guide book

We seem to talk and hear about transformation everywhere in the metaphysical world. But have you stopped to truly ask what it means to walk the path of transformation?

Nature teaches us about transformation through it's seasons. Awakening in spring, full bloom in the summer, Harvest in the fall and releasing in the Winter. Cycling back around to rebirth in the spring. The moon also shows us this same cycle of Transformation. From the New moon, to waxing moon, to the full moon, then to the waning moon then back to the new moon again.

Below is an FB live I did about transformation in my 30 days of transformation group. Enjoy!

Goddess of Transformation: Kali Ma.

Kali, will help you by cutting through the illusions of fear of bring to you the gift of freedom.

Affirmation for transformation:

I surrender

I receive

letting go of the old shell

receiving a new vision and new me

I surrender into transformation

And step through the golden door

to my rebirth

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