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Your Energy Forecast for the week

It's going to be a powerful week with the New Moon energy on Tuesday bringing us the opportunity to dream big, to plant new seeds and manifest our true desires.

The New Moon is a time of new beginnings and a great time to start something new, plant new seeds of intentions in your sacred heart Garden and watch them grow into fruition.

The Sagittarius energy is fun, positive, light and optimistic. It's the visionary. This new moon in Sagittarius brings us the gift of lightness and expansion of our awareness.

2016 has been all about letting go, releasing and facing our shadows. This new moon brings us the break we've been asking for. This is a time to reflect on your journey, your growth, and how far you have come. it is also time to celebrate all you hard work.

This Sagittarius New Moon asks us to Dream Big. Allow your awareness to expand. Here's a question to contemplate during this new moon:

What are you wanting to create more of in your life?

Allow yourself to Dream Big and open your heart to receive the steps and guidance to manifest your dreams. This Sagittarius moon brings in the element of deepening into our intuition. This is a great time to work on your intuitive gifts. Pay attention to your dreams and the intuitive hits your receive from your divine team.

It's a powerful time we are in and even powerful on we are heading into. We are preparing to enter a new dawn and a new cycle of awakening. We are shifting into a time where our dreams are no longer dreams but our realities.

A simple New Moon ritual/ exercise you can do

Take in a deep breath. Align and center yourself. Contemplate the question above and write down anything that comes up in your journal. Try to not judge, over analyze or criticize what comes in. They are what your truly desire.

Watch the video for the energy messages and affirmation for the week. Blessings to you beloved.

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