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A Vision

There was a time when women would gather under the moon To connect To heal To sing To awaken the divine goddess within them There was a time woman had sacred space Sacred space to bleed and cleanse themselves in sacred sisterhood There was a time When women knew how powerful they are When women were revered Goddesses in human form With their magic soaring into the high heavens and their wombs, the creator of life I remember a time of tradition When grandmother's would teach daughters and granddaughters the essence, secret and magic of being a woman. That time is now That magic still running through our veins This ancient wisdom In our wombs Remember Remember Remember Woman, you are Isis, Nerferttiti, aphrodisiac, Sophia, Kali Ma, You are the many faces of the Goddess

Join us in our next Moon Goddess Circle.

I am offering 3 Moon Goddess circle (3 months) for $33. Its an amazing deal you don't want to miss out on.

Come experience and activate the magic of the moon within your life, be in ceremony and sisterhood.

Join us by signing up at:…/moon-goddess-circle

Step into Your Greatness and your Highest Potential

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