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Messages for the Soul

Happy Friday everyone!

It's the day after thanksgiving and you are probably still stuffed, body and soul from yesterday and still in the energy of gratitude. I woke up today overflowing with gratitude and love for my family, my beloved and how far I've come in my life and all that is unfolding still. I hope you are still basking in the glow of gratitude.

Every Friday, on my Facebook page, I do this channeled event called "Messages for the Soul". So here's the message for the soul for today.

Take a deep breath in and choose the card that calls to you. This week's channeled message is special. Depending of which card or cards you choose, a Goddess will be coming in to work with you from now till the end of the year preparing you for the new year, new energy and new beginning.

Now that you've chosen, watch the video by clicking on the link below for the reveal.

If you enjoyed this, you can always join me on my Facebook page every Friday for Messages for the Soul.

Join me in the Moon Goddess Academy. It's time!…/moon-goddess-academy

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