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I Am number 1

I went to black hawk for the first time with my beloved and his friend. The funny thing is that we don't even gamble, non of us do. But we went for the experience. As I sat in the chair of one of the slot machines which my partner was trying to help me figure out how it works, I noticed something. I had an Aha moment. I noticed when I placed a small bet, I wouldn't win anything. But the moment I increased the amount, my odds of winning increased and I began to win big too.

I began to notice the correlation between my action and my physical body. When I placed a bigger bet, I felt great, my vibration amplified and I had this confidence, a knowing that I would win. It was the opposite when I would place a much smaller bet.

It's just like in life. When I began taking care of myself and putting myself first, I began to receive bigger blessings and miracles in my life. Abundance began to flow into my life in huge waves. When I wasn't taking care of myself or needs, it was also reflected in my life and my world. I didn't feel good, I didn't have as much clients, etc.

When we put ourselves and our needs first, we are telling the divine, "Yes please, I Am Worthy and deserving of all the blessings you are showering upon me. I am Worth of a great, happy and abundant life. I am Worthy and I honor myself and my journey." This is the vibrational frequency you want to be in, in order to begin manifesting your hearts desires.

When you put yourself first, you claim your worthiness. Investing in your self, whether through time, money, love etc., you are telling the universe that when the blessings are showered upon you, you are not going to put it aside or ignore it. You will be ready to claim it fully. Because you know you are Worthy.

You are Worthy.

You are Worthy.

You are Worthy.

Enjoy the video below by Abraham Hicks about worthiness.

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