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Chaos: The Teacher.

Today, I pulled an oracle card for the day and I pulled the card, Chaos. That made me nervous.! And so I prayed for ease and flow of my day. Work was busy, a little chaotic but nothing I couldn't handle. Then I realized something.

I felt like I was standing in the center of a storm. Like I was the eye of the storm. And around me was all the chaos swirling around me. I could feel the energy of the chaos. I was in the center but yet I felt calm and peaceful. Although there was so much going on around me, I was not affected. This made me realized two things.

1. The chaos we see on the outside is usually a reflection of what is going on within.

2. The chaos. is not always ours.

There are soo many instances where we pick up on other people's drama and whether consciously or unconscious, make our own. It's so important to tune into yourself and ask this question:

Is this mine or not?

If the energy is yours, then ask for healing and releasing from the divine or source energy.

If the energy is not yours, asks the divine to assist you in the releasing of anything you have picked up within your body or in your energy field.

This simple mantra helps me to differentiate if what I'm feeling is mine or if I picked it up.

What is mine is mine.

And what is yours is yours.

This creates and energetic boundary. As empaths and healers, boundaries are so important.

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