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You are not Becoming, You Are!

My Aha moment today!

It's so easy to get stuck on the journey of becoming. I have been on this journey of manifesting, creating, calling in my desired life that somehow I also forgot the true reason why I began the journey in the first place.

So often, we get so lost and tangled up on this journey we call life, working so hard to become something that we are not and hope that from that we could become our vision of who we think we are or should be.

I have a secret key for you.

Stop searching!

Stop trying to be what you think.

Stop and be still.

it is in this stillness that you can find you, the true you.

The unlimited you

the fearless, confident you.

Beloved, it's time to dive in.

to find your Soul essence

your soul light

your inner voice

I realized today that, what I was seeking after.

Is who I already Am.

Beloved, take in a deep breath and hear this truth.

You are Not Becoming.

You Already Are it!

Moon Goddess Academy:

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