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Love and Magic

What a magical evening! My beloved and I went for a stroll at the Chatfield botanical garden. It was so quiet. No one was around. At least we thought so that is until a couple walked by to this beautiful gazebo area. As we continued to walk, I saw the guy running in our direction and I wondered the heck.

Then he called our attention and asked if we could take a picture of them at the gazebo. And I was a bit confused as to why he would run all the way to where we were to ask us to walked all the way over there to take a pic. Steve agreed and as we were walking to the gazebo area with him, he then whispered to us that he was about to propose to her. He and I smiled at each other. We walked over there, took some pics and a video while he proposed to her.

She just cried. She couldn't even talk. It was so beautiful. We got to witness love today. They have no idea that they had illumined twin flames as the witness of their union.

Love is beautiful, simple and full of magical surprises.

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