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Beloved, wherefore thy art?

I hear this question a lot as a twin flame match maker: where is my beloved and when will I meet him or her? I know, I did too. Here's the key, in order to meet your beloved, you have to be ready. And when I say ready, I mean ready in a sense of healing your wounds, your hurt, your pain and disappointments, your trauma. You have to be able to let go of what doesn't serve you anymore, and cut the cords between you and past relationships. This is done so you can raise your vibration and find yourself and your freedom. In doing the work you are calling in your beloved. And know this, the beloved is you. Yep, that's right, You! Everything that you do to prepare helps your beloved out and everything they do to prepare helps you out. In knowing this, doing the working sounds really good now.

Here's a prayer from Mary Magdalene to help you heal that which needs to be healed so you may meet your beloved. Remember, It is important that we do the work.

" From the Lord God of My Being Unto the Mother/ Father within, I call forth all my unfinished business. Bring it forward. Bring forward anything I have not looked at. Bring forward my fears, my jealousies, and my insecurities. Bring it all forward and let me work on it now. Bring it forward that I may finish it. So I will be ready to meet the mate to my being. So be it."

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