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Transitioning and Preparation for Something New

I love this time of the year, where we transition from the magical autumn into the winter. We just had our first snow here and I was so overjoyed to see that snow fall. Yesterday was 80 degrees and today it’s snowing. Love the snow. The other part to this is that we are also getting ready to end this year and enter a new energy and year.

This brought up the excitement of sitting in sacred space with candles lit, Goddess oracle cards and tarot cards laid out in front of me, with my journal and I pen reminiscing about how much growth I have had this year and also excited to create and design my new year and set new intentions. It’s such a powerful time of the year and my favorite.

This is a process I’ve done year after year after year with my close friends and my beloved. We end the year with mindfulness and celebration and enter the New Year feeling empowered and ready to experience a new beginning. As I was thinking about this powerful ritual/process, I had a strong intuitive hit to open this practice up to others, specifically to women, who are ready to create a magical life and business in 2017 fully empowered, supported and in their element. This got me excited. I talked to my Business coach about this and she really helped me see the bigger picture, why this is so important at this time and why it is so needed.

How many times have you written down goals or intentions for the New Year and by March, you have already lost interest or fell behind? How many times have you said:

“This new year is going to be different. I’m going to do this and that and this……”

And didn’t see it come to its full fruition?

For how long have you wished for a bigger, better and more amazing new year?

And how many of you wrote down the intentions and goals and plans but due to lack of guidance and support didn’t know how to manifest these goals and intentions?

If this is you, get ready for this!

In 2017, I will be opening the doors to my Academy:

Abigail’s Moon Goddess Academy

A modern day magical mastermind, and a hybrid mastermind for women who are truly ready to live the life they desire. This modern day Mastermind, will you in all areas of your life and business.

Abigail’s Moon Goddess Academy is a 12 months program where I will be teaching you the powerful ritual and process I was telling you about. Where you will be guided in the creation and manifestation of magical life and business you desire. You will be held and supported in a sacred powerful container where your inner Creatrix/Creator will be activated. You will be working with the powerful wisdom of the archetypes, the ancient wisdom of the tarot, numerology and the powerful tool of intention setting and so much more, all to help you Create and Design your 2017 in an empowered magical way.

No more just dreaming.

No more losing interest in your dreams.

No more getting lost in your intentions and goals.

No more overwhelm.

It is time to live the life you’ve always desired.

It is time to be the creator Goddess you already are.

It’s time to create your magical life and business in 2017.

If this is calling to you and you are ready, let’s book your Academy Assessment call to discover how this Modern day Magical Mastermind can help shift your life.

I am only bringing in 10 women for 2017. If you are truly and serious about making this powerful shift in your life, the let’s do this. I am ready to get your there.

Email me at

Much love to you all.

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