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My Body, My Sacred Vessel, My Experience

So many people on this planet have a separation between the physical and the spiritual whether due to past hurt, trauma, emotional or physical pain. I know, I’ve been there. This separation is a coping mechanism for many, an escapism. And now that we are stepping into more of who we are, our attention is being brought forth to the healing of this separation.

A separation between the physical and spiritual is also a separation from our own soul. The soul is what bridges the spirit realm to the physical realm. The soul needs both the Physical Body and the spiritual body in order to experience this physical life, this physical realm. To live life to its fullest, the soul needs to be awakened and reconnected. And when the soul is awakened, it brings in the conscious awareness from the physical to the spiritual and vice versa.

I was talking to a beautiful sister of mine and she was telling me about the pain she’s been feeling within her physical body and immediately, I was shown a vision of her spirit body and Physical body screaming at her trying to get her attention. This screaming between the two is what is manifested in her physical body as Pain. We talked about what I had just seen and it was right on.

Here’s the thing, for an imbalance or dis-ease to manifest within the physical body, it first begins in the higher realms, in the higher Bodies. We have 4 energy main energy bodies. They are the Physical, emotional, mental and Spirit bodies. The disharmony or dis-ease begins in the spiritual body and if not addressed, it then descends down to the mental body. If it’s still not addressed then it descends down into the emotional body. And if not still not resolved, then it manifests in the physical body as physical symptoms you cannot ignore.

If you have tried everything on the physical level to resolve the disharmony or dis-ease and nothing seems to help, then it’s time to check in with the other bodies. If you notice the disharmony is triggered or tied to your emotions, then you know it’s in the emotional body. If it is triggered by your mental thoughts, then it is in the mental body.

If you can’t seem to figure out where it’s coming from, then most likely it is from the spirit body. And this could be from past lives, different dimensions of self, or something that happened before you descended down to be born unto this planet.

Now, mind you it’s not always this nicely identified. We are human beings and therefore there are complexities. You can have a combination of disharmonies from 1 or 2 bodies manifesting into your physical body. One of my gifts is being able to see all the bodies, past lives, and dimensions of a person and where the imbalance is located. And with the help of your higher self, Guides, Archangels and Source, I am able to facilitate and bring about healing on all levels, balancing, reconnecting and smoothing the energy flow.

If you have been disconnected from whether your physical body or your physical reality or both, you have received your wake up call. This means, you are beginning to see and experience your world and physical body with a new awareness. This might be a shock at first, but know that the more you step in and surrender, it gets better and better. The more you resist the worst it might seem.

If you have been experiencing this resistance, separation, disharmony and dis-ease, contact me and lets book a discovery call to see if we are can work together in bringing you back to balance and reconnection. You can email me at

You are being asked, this time on our planet, to remember your wholeness, to come back to your wholeness and your light.

It is time beloved.

You have been gone for far too long.

Awaken Beloved!

It is time!

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