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Finding Ease and Peace in Creativity

From miracles now card deck


If you are like me, you have ideas and creative inspirations streaming through your being all day long. I have notes cards, little notes book everywhere and in my bag filled with plenty of ideas. Ideas that get you so excited that you wish you could create it all at once. There’s so much coming in that you feel stressed and overwhelmed. Sometimes, I find myself wishing I could clone myself so I can get everything done.

If you are like me, you also have multiple projects also going on at the same time. I am a Virgo and I didn’t quite understand the powerful mind of a Virgo that is until I began creating in alignment with my soul path. Virgo is ruled by Mercury which symbolizes our thoughts and the way it’s expressed. Let’s just say I have a powerful mind. Don’t get me wrong, I love every bit of it but the body needs a break. The mind can go all day and all night if I let it but my body would suffer for it.

In the energy of stress and overwhelm, you can experience blockages. You can experience blockages within the mind, the body and even in the flow of creativity. For me, even just writing this blog, so much is running through my mind that I can’t seem to focus on it. So then, the question is how do we find peace and ease while still open to receive divine inspirations?

I’m going to give you some simple tool that has helped me a lot.

1. Stop, Pause and BREATH

When you feel that overwhelm or stress coming on, it is so important just take a break, go for a walk and fill your lungs with fresh air to refresh your mind and bring in clarity.Plus your body will thank you for moving.If you don’t have time to get up and leave the house or office, simply stop whatever you are working on, close your eyes and take in 3 deep breaths.This will help re-center and refresh you.You can also throw in standing up and stretching while taking the deep breaths.

I typically put on a good dancing music and just dance.You can also change what you are doing.For example, while writing this blog, I stopped, went out onto the patio and took in deep breaths of fresh air infused with that powerful full moon.The second time, I stopped and went to the kitchen to start cooking dinner.Changing the action or your environment will bring in a fresh start and clarity.

2. Do a Brain Dump

This is the reason why I carry a little notebook with me everywhere I go.You can do this first thing in the morning or even throughout the day as the ideas flow in. The idea is to sit down and write down any idea that is coming in for you to create, all of it.If you are somewhere like at work or someplace where you can’t stop and write, just grab a piece of paper and write it down then when you get the chance to sit, write it or simple tape it in your book.

The idea of this exercise is to free up space within the mind, to reduce the mental clutter and thereby reducing the mental overwhelm.When you write it down every time you receive that download, you free up space and the idea is not circulation in your mind over and over until you get the chance to sit and write it down at the end of the day.

3. Check In

This last exercise goes great with the second one.I love doing this in the morning during my meditation but you can also do this anytime throughout the day to help you refocus.

Simply close your eyes and take in some deep breaths. Drop your consciousness into your heart and ask:

What soul aligned action should I focus on today (Or now)?

Take in deep breaths while the answers begin to flow in.Write them down.If you need any clarification, ask and simply receive.If you already have your project or projects and you simply want to know which one to focus on then follow this visualization:

Imagine, see, feel or sense that you are standing in a room.And taped around the room are your projects.Now ask the divine to show you which project or projects to focus on by making it glow or stand out in some way. Take in some deep breaths.You will notice the projects you need to focus on will begin to glow or stand out in some way.Mine usually glows gold.Thank the divine for the guidance.Take in a deep breath and open your eyes ready to create.

These are simple exercises you can do every day to bring you in alignment with your heart, to help you center, refresh your mind, and bring clarity, ease and flow throughout your day creating what is aligned with your soul path.

I want to leave you with a statement a soul sister of mine helped me recognize:

“Overwhelm is a Choice we can make.So instead, choose peace and serenity.”

Much love to you all.

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