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11:11 Gateway is Open

The 11:11 gateway is open. What are you ready to let go of In order to receive that which your heart desires most? Today is not a day for negativity But rather to focus you mind, heart, and attention to what makes your world shine, what makes your heart sing, what bring you joy. Use this gateway to tap into your heart deep within To manifest what lies deeply within This gateway opens up on a day of Venus A day of love

Open yourself to receive this huge influx of love Pouring in New light codes are being activated within us all What are you ready to step into? What are you ready to let go in order to step through this powerful light gateway?

I woke up in the middle of the night sensing an energy all around me. I opened my eyes and say a huge light being standing in my bedroom doorway. I knew it was time.

I am letting go of the I Am not's, all the mindsets that still holds me back from my greatness and fullest expression. I release the self sabotage, the overwhelm and the self sacrifice.

I step through the gateway Into my fullest expression Into my greatness Into my highest self and life I step into the newness of me The mystery of me And the newness of my life.

Much much blessings beloveds.

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