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Light during Election

With the election results tallying up, I have been thinking. I realize, it doesn't matter who wins. I also noticed the energies of the the collective consciousness. Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Excitement, Anger etc. So much going on emotionally and mentally out there. I have a question for you.

Have you forgotten how powerful your thoughts and words are?

Did you forget that anything you think of or say, whether positive or negative, towards anyone or anything, will be manifested?

We are so afraid about what's going to happen to this beautiful country and the economy. We forget that we all are responsible for what's going to happen. Imagine, if we all came together in a positive mindset and supported who ever won. Imagine what changes could happen, what miracles will come about. If the president has to work hard for us, do what we want him or her to do, change our economy, change this country, then he/she needs our help. Our leader needs our support, strength,our Light and our Love to create the changes we seek.

Can you imagine being in your working environment where half of your coworkers don't like you. How will it feel like to work in that environment, an environment filled with all that negative energies being sent your way? It's not a good feeling, I know. I've felt it. Now multiply that by millions, not a good picture right?

Here's the thing, we need to stop blaming others for our let downs, our failures. What is happening to this country is the manifestation of our consciousness, or thoughts, our words, our fears and anxiety and anger, whether positive or negative. If we think the president won't succeed, then he/she won't because that's how powerful our thoughts and words are.

But if we woke up every morning, sending light and love,strength and prayers to the president, what do you think the outcome will be, especially if we all came together and did this.


Magick would begin to blossom. Things would begin to change. Remember, this is not a job for only our leader, but also it is our job. We need to support this country with light and love, with hope and courage. We need to infuse this country with light by infusing ourselves with light and sending it out in all directions.

Lets respect our differences, come together in the name of one purpose, which is to help this country flourish, grow and succeed in light and Love.


When we love ourselves, we can love others. Our hearts open to more light. More love means more changes in our lives. More changes in our lives means more changes in our neighborhood, towns, states and our country.

Be a vessel of light and love and spread it in all directions. Lets come together and this time do something we haven't done before. Lets send our leader Light and Love always, especially when we think or speak of him/or her. You will be amazed at the changes that will begin to unfold.

With much love beloveds.

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