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I Am Goddess Program

A Modern Day Magical Mastermind


weekly Goddess energy forecast 9 30 19

weekly Goddess energy forecast 9 30 19

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Are you looking for a way to shift, change and recreate your life in an empowered way?


Have you been searching for a community of sacred sisterhood in the energy of Growth, Intuitive Guidance, Support, and Collaboration?


Then you've come to the right place.

A 12 months journey to Reclaim all aspects of self

A journey of coming Home to self

A journey of coming Home to your Soul Gifts and expressions

A journey of coming home to your Wisdom

A Coming Home to your Dreams

A journey to find your Voice and your Power.

A journey to step into the Creator Goddess you are to     create the Life and experiences of your dreams

A journey of Awakening

A journey of Empowerment, Support, and Sacred Sisterhood

A coming home to your Sacred Divine Power


This High-level program is for women who are ready and committed to Design and Create their life and business in alignment with their Divine Soul Blueprint.

This program is going to help you in all areas of your life and business.

I combine both Spiritual and Physical tools to help you: Take back your Power,

Clear blocks,

Create your life,

and  Activate your inner Goddess Creatrix.

This Goddess Training program is:

​This Mastermind combines both Spiritual and Physical tools to help you:

Take back your  Power

Clear your blocks

Create your life

Activate your inner Creatrix

There are four Gateways of Initiations you will walk through:

First Gateway: Know Yourself 

A gateway of diving into the mysteries of self through Archetypes, Numerology, Astrology and so much more.


Second Gateway: Heal Yourself

A gateway to healing and Wholeness. Discovering what blocks, wounds, trauma, mindset, and beliefs needs to be released, shed and healed.


Third Gateway: Be Thyself

A gateway to empowerment. Stepping into your true nature, your Higher self, unapologetically and creating your life in alignment with your true Divine self.


Fourth Gateway: Step into Service

A gateway to recognizing your divine soul gifts and how you are called to be of service.

Join Abigail Mensah-Bonsu

Transformation Healer and Teacher, Intuitive Soul Coach, and Alchemist

In this High Level Hybrid Modern Day Magical Mastermind

Here's What you will experience each month:

  • Discover your word for 2018

  • Create and call in your 12 Archetypes 

  • Discover the 12 doors and 12 keys to your Empowered Life

  • Discover your Personal Year Number

  • Monthly Group Clearing and Healings

  • Monthly Group Activations

  • Intuitive coaching session with Abigail Mensah-Bonsu

  • Learn about the energy of the month and how it influences and supports you in your creation

  • Learn how your archetype for the month supports you.

  • Learn about the Door of the month and the key to open you to