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Intuitive Reading Services

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HighPriestess Activation and Reading


Connect to your inner goddess and guides in this 45-minute reading!

This powerful session provides healing, clears stagnant energy, brings life clarity, activates your personal power, and aligns you to your purpose.


Twin Flame Intuitive Reading


This is a 45-minutes intuitive guidance session where we use oracle or tarot cards to help you get clear answers and guidance on your Love path, to reconnect you with your heart and your soul partner.


Past/Future Life Regression and Healing


A Life regression allows you to go back to the past or future lives to heal, release and return with the blessings of that lifetime so you may move forward in the present.

We are multidimensional beings and this means we have lived other lives whether on earth at different times or on other planets. This also means that we carry all the pain, hurt, trauma as well as the good things from each lifetime in this lifetime. It can affect your progression, your relationships, financial abundance etc. lifetime so you may move forward in the present.

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