Empowered You, Empowered Year Master Course

Words, Themes, Intentions, and Goals,

These are the things that come up at the end and beginning of every year.  They are powerful tools to help prep and keep you organized, aligned and inflow for the year ahead. If you know how to use them.

The truth is, most people start out strong at the beginning of the year and fizzle out by the 3rd month or so.

So what's the difference between those who succeed and those who don't?

Here are the keys:

1. Co-creation with the divine

2. Accountability, both physical and spiritual

3. The gift of foresight

4. Faith and courage

5. Support, both physical and spiritual

My master course to help you ride through 2020 like the Dynamic person that you are.

A Master Course that teaches you how to use both magical and tangible tools such as Journaling, Archetypes, meditation, and Wisdom of the Tarot to create an empowered 2020.

Are you ready to sail and navigate through 2020 with ease and flow, fully aligned with your higher self and divine team with confidence and personal power, co-creating with the divine?

In my master course, you will:
♡Discover your Word for 2020
♡Discover your theme for 2020
♡Discover your doors and keys to unlock your new year
♡Discover your Spiritual Allies who will be guiding and working with you in 2020
❤ Discover a system that creates accountability and support throughout the year.





This is how you will feel throughout the year after taking my Empowered You, Empowered Year Master course.

Are you ready for an amazing year?

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Leah B. 
Holistic wellbeing Strategist
Lisa S. 



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