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Dynamic Woman

Group Immersion Program

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Personal Empowerment.

Spiritual reconnection and Healing.

Goddess Embodiment.

Divine Remembrance.

Higher Purpose.

Aligned Manifestation.

2020 calls for a new level of Living and Being. And it is all about the embodiment of our Highest Self, Life, and Vision.

Working with my clients for years, I have seen them evolve, expand and grow, stepping into the truth of who they truly are and cultivating that divine soul power to transform every area of their life all while breaking through barriers and limitations, and rising above challenges. With each year that passes, the women I work with and those who are called to work with me evolve and transform and so does my offerings and the container within which is my business.


As I evolve and transform, so too does my soul clients and business transform and evolve. It's a beautiful cycle of divine evolution. 


It is from this evolution that this new sacred, supportive, powerful container is born.

 Who is the Dynamic woman?

Always and evolving



Multi-talented and multi-passionate

She embraces Change and knows what she wants. 


She has big dreams and craves more in life.


She is Authentic and not afraid to create her own path.


She knows she is here to make a difference in the world.


She knows that she is much more than her Humanity and that she is also Divine.


She is Heart-centered and Unapologetic.


She knows she is the Creatrix of her life and understands that she holds the keys to her Freedom.


She is a Leader, a Healer, a Warrior, a Visionary, a Lover, a Wife, Mother, Daughter, a Changemaker and a Pioneer.


She Aligns with her own divinity and the source of all that is.


She is a force to be reckoned with.


But here's the thing, most likely she has forgotten this truth.  


She might feel lost in a world where her light is undermined and cut down.


She is dimming her light to fit in because she is not surrounded by those like her.


Her gifts, talents, and power might not be supported.


She is trying to find her way and create her own path in a world why most people prefer to follow.


She is trying to create her Heaven on Earth.


She might sometimes even feel like giving up.


She desires to remember who she is, her magic, her soul gifts and the power that resides within her.


She desires someone to simply remind her when she forgets.


She desires someone to teach her how to harness the divine power divine and all around her to create the life and experiences she desires.


She desires to be surrounded and supported by others who are like her and understand her.

This is why the Dynamic Woman group Immersion program is created.

Imagine receiving a DNA Activation every month to fill up your light tank, raise your vibration, clear your path and bring clarity, align you to your highest self and desires so you can operate and channel your work from a place of higher vibration and frequency.


Imagine receiving a quarterly Soul Regression to help you remember who you are and get the answers with clarity.


Imagine learning about the Cosmic, Planetary and Divine energies that surround you and are ready to assist you with your highest good. Learning to sail with the planetary and moon energies.


Imagine having a Sacred, Powerful and Supportive Container to support you on your journey, your creation and empowerment.

Monthly Group Coaching


If this is you, then this program is for you.


Click the button below to sign up for this Dynamic empowering program that begins in January 2020.

Pay in Full of $3997

 use this button.

4 Quarterly Payments 

Yummy Bonuses for saying yes

  • Membership to my Moon Goddess Sisterhood Circle

  • Access to my Quantum Visioning Virtual Workshop


Leilani HB.

 Licensed Acupuncturist

"If you're energetically sensitive, and need to be aware and have the tools to empower your journey, then you may want to work with Abigail. This is how I move through the changes instead of being surprised and stressed out by them.”

Leah B. 

Best-selling author + Holistic Success Habits Consultant

Connecting in our sessions & receiving your guidance is one of the best investments I've ever made in my own personal inner growth.... our work together has made a powerfully positive impact in both my personal & business life! I'm so grateful for you every day Abigail!

Haley P.

Writer, Editor and Coach

Abigail is one of the most peaceful and beautiful souls I have encountered so far on my journey. She is so open, welcoming, and full of practically pours off of her. I felt revitalized and refreshed, infused with a new sense of purpose and stamina. Thank you, darling, for being who you are and sharing that with the world!

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