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Calling in your Beloved

The journey begins with you.

Are You Ready  to call in Big LOVE?

There's been so many times in your life that you have chosen what i call "little love", relationships that don't go anywhere, serve your highest good or help you grow to your highest potential. If you are here, you have reached a point in your life where you've said


 "Enough! I Deserve More!".  

And yes, you deserve more, So much more!

This is where things begin to change in your life. If you are here, you are ready for


The type of love that will uplift you in ways you never imagined love could be or feel.


A partnership of the soul, beautiful, expanding, magical, supporting, higher vibrationalcomplete and wholesome.  

A mouth-watering, deliciously succulent, juicy, fiery, hot kind of love.  

You get the Picture?

I know you are screaming YES, YES, YES!

And I believe you are ready to call in this BIG LOVE.

Welcome to the Calling in your Beloved 13-week group Program!

This 13-week program is one of it's kind. It was created in the Twin Flame higher Dimensional Frequency of Divine Love for Twin Flames and anyone ready for Big high vibration Love. This was created in the highest unconditional Love of the divine manifested here on earth. Which means in this program, you will be calling in the highest level of love partnership to you, whether Twin flame or your Soul Partner. 


This program is for:

*Those who are ready serious about doing the work to call in their beloveds. 

*Those who believe and know they deserve BIG LOVE.

*Those who are ready to Love and be Loved. 

*Those who are ready for a soul-level partnership that is fulfilling and uplifting.

Benefits for Doing this program

  • You will learn how to connect to and draw in your Beloved.

  • You will identify your love blocks and release them.

  • You will learn the tools to be and feel empowered in your life and within yourself.

  • You will learn how to love and be loved in a conscious way.

  • You will learn how to bless your body and create sacred rituals that support your sacred intention of calling in your beloved.

  • You will learn how to activate and manifest your deepest Desires by co-creating with your divine posse.

  • You will take part in two powerful Initiations of Love to raise your vibration and uplevel your life.

  • Manifesting with group power - private facebook group for members only

And so much more!



Identifying Love Blocks and Clearing


 Rebuilding Self and preparing for BIG LOVE

Initiation: Self Marriage


The Beloved

Initiation: Dance of The Beloveds 

Materials Needed


1. A Journal

2. White and Red or Pink Candles

3. Pens, colors pens, markers, etc

4. A ring

5. A scarf in your desired color

It is time to Invest in yourself!

By investing in youself, you say YES to the Universe.

Wild Flowers

Your Teacher, Healer and Guide

Abigail Mensah-Bonsu

Transformation Alchemical Priestess and Healer, an Empowerment Teacher, Twin Flame Match Maker, an Intuitive Coach and Guide here to guide you to your beloved and empower you on this path of Ultimate love.

It is time to Invest in yourself!

By investing in youself, you say YES to the Universe.

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