2018: A year of the High priestess and the Moon

What a powerful energetic year we've stepped into. There's a huge energy change compared to 2017. 2017 for me was a year of building the strong foundations to which I get to build upon this year in 2018. We moved from a 1 year to a 1/21 year. 2017 (2+1+7=10, 1+0=1), a 1 year, was all about the I Am. The focus was on you, your world, and your desires. It was about the mastering of the self, The Magician. My word for 2017 was Financial Abundance and I realized everything that I worked on or that came up for me to face prepared me to experience that Financial Abundance in 2018. This year, the word that came in is EXPANSIVE. Wow! I was not expecting that word but I also noticed that it beg


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