Holiday Fever

Has the Holiday season, mercury retrograde, Sagittarius season, winter solstice energy and the ending of the year got you in a swirl? Do you feel a bit out of control? You are definitely not alone. Here are the reasons why: Sagittarius is a fire sign Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication is in retrograde. We are in the energy of the New Moon in Sagittarius It's the Holiday season We are getting ready to transition into a new year, new energy You've lost touch with you You are putting everyone else above you You are not in alignment with your divine essence and cosmic energies. Fear not: We are about to enter Capricorn season, an earth sign, on the 21st, same day as the winter sol

Honor your Sacred circle.

"Are you ever doubting if they are happy for you? " Such a powerful and true talk about creating friendships. It's something I am very conscious about. I am picky as to who I bring into my circle. My energy is worthy and I choose to surround myself with higher frequency, joyful, abundant, powerful, amazing people. It's a non negotiable. Boundaries are huge for me because I know the capacity to which I serve and share my gifts. And those in my circle get to be showered in all sorts of ways by my magic and they do they same for me. So if you are not on my level or even surpassed my level, I know what will end up happening. There's no fulfillment or nourishment in those relationships. It's alwa


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