Spring Equinox and Energy Forecast for the week

Hello hello, and Happy Sunday, We begin this week with the Spring Equinox, a powerful day of Equilibrium and balance. The Spring Equinox is when the day and night are equal. The light begins to grows afterwards. What a great and powerful way to begin the week. The spring Equinox is a great time to bring in the new, which means Spring Cleaning. Ways you can bring the new energies in include: Opening all the windows in the house to bring in fresh air. Bring in fresh spring flowers like Daffodils, Tulips, Violets etc Do some spring cleaning to clear the stale energy. Spiritually cleanse your home through Burning some sage and walking around your home clearing and blessing the home. Plant so

What is going on with the energies?

Watch to find out what energies are affecting you and how you can work it them. To learn more about the Moon Goddess Circle and to Sign up click the link below: When you sign up for the 3 months membership, you also receive a 1-on-1 session with moi! Looking forward to it.

Happy Women's day!

💙I Am the Woman of my Dreams💙 I am Love Divine💥 I am Empathetic and Intuitive I am Strong and Confident I am Unshakable I am the calm in the eye of the storm I am Joy Divine🌞 I am a clear Channel for the Divine I am Resilient I am a Master Teacher and Healer I am Love and Loved𐩕 I am Strong willed Powerful and Magical🦄 I am a Healer and Catalyst I am an Alchemist, A Magician I am Rich in Spirit and in many areas of my life I Am Shakti I am Goddess The many faces of the divine feminine I am Beautiful and Radiant🌹 I am the Bridge between Heaven and Earth, Spiritual and Physical I am Balance The yin and Yang in Flow I am Playful in Divine Innocence I Am a Master

Mirror Work!

I love you enough, To reflect to you your shadows Give you divine strength And teach you the tools So you can do your own work And stand in your own power. That's how much I love you. -Shakti Moon Goddess



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