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Begins March 3rd, 2019

Are you feeling stuck or caught up in this intense energetic whirlwind?
Has there been a lot coming up but you are not sure what to make of it?
Have you ever wondered how great it would be to have someone guide you through the intense energies?
Someone who could help you identify what you are being called to shift in order to get out of the stuckness?
Someone who can help you Clear away the shit that comes up and Activate and Embody your Magnificence?
If these questions resonate with you then this group program was created just for you!

In this 5 weeks, you will work with me in a group sacred container to: 
1. identify what is coming up to be released, 
2. Clear the stuckness and what might have been holding you back from blossoming, and 
3. Activate your light, your gifts, and your magnificence so you can shine even more unapologetically.


Here's what the 5 weeks working with me will look like:
Week 1: Clearing of the Emotional Body
Week 2: Sacred Activation- Activating the 1st level of your magnificence
Week 3: Clearing of the Mental body
Week 4: Sacred Activation- Activating the 2nd level of your Magnificence
Week 5: Clearing of the Physical and Spiritual Bodies
Bonus Week 6: Integration with Sacred Activation - Activating and aligning all of your 7 energy centers to your Magnificence.


Each week:
You will also receive an Empowered question and a Prayer to assist you through the transformation you will be going through. 
We will have a weekly group zoom call to receive the clearings and activations

Once you sign up, you will be added to our private Facebook group, our sacred container for transformation.


Leah B.: 

"Connecting in our sessions & receiving your guidance is one of the best investments I've ever made in my own personal inner growth.... our work together has made a powerfully positive impact in both my personal & business life! I'm so grateful for you every day."

Leilani H.:

"Abigail has been such a great facilitator in my emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. Every meeting is a strong energetic connection, and I look forward to all the great things that change for the better in my life. Check this group out! You'll be thankful you did."


Tamra P.:

"Abigail has created a space of love, warmth and acceptance for everyone here. She is genuine, honest, caring and works hard to help us move past our blocks. Through meditations, clearings and the divine, Abigail channels glowing light into our lives with an energetic bomb of love! She motivates and teaches us to raise our vibration and work on our spiritual selves. Abigail has helped me channel the light I have within and use it toward an amazing and powerful life's journey. I look forward to every meeting and I know that you will too!!!"


Two ways to sign up:

1 payment of $555:

2 payments of $300:



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