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Life and Spirit Integration Group Program

6 weeks journey 


When we create from a place of alignment with the Divine, we create with ease and flow and effortlessness. it is from this space of alignment and connection that we can truly manifest that which we desire.

It is my intention to show you how amazing and magical your life can be when we bring spirit in to co-create with us.

In this 6 weeks soul stirring journey, you will:

  1. Learn the magic of creating a sacred space.

  2. Learn how to clear the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

  3. Meet and learn how to work with your Divine Team

  4. Meet your Higher and Spirit self.

  5. Visit and create your own heart sanctuary.

  6. Also learn and create your powerful vision


You will receive:​

  1. Weekly email prompts 

  2. Weekly Zoom meetings

  3. Weekly Sacred Activations

  4. 3 months membership to my Moon Goddess Circle.

  5. My monthly Moon Goddess Forecast

  6. a membership in my Moon Goddess Sacred Sanctum Facebook group.


All for the price of $97 (Valued at $597)

Hold on!  There's another Option. For those of you who would like to also work with me 1-on-1, this is for you.


VIP Option

You get 5 1-on-1 Life and Spirit coaching sessions with me plus all the bonuses above all for $333 (Valued at $1222)


I know right! 

It is an amazing opportunity to work with me and experience my transformative magic in your life.  It is my intention to show you how easy it is to bring the sacred into your life and how fun it can be and i want everyone to experience this magic.  


Here are some sweet words from past clients:

"Like a lotus flower, we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of darkness & radiate upon the world" - Gautama Buddha

"Abigail has created a space of love, warmth and acceptance for everyone here. She is genuine, honest, caring and works hard to help us move past our blocks. Through meditations, clearings and the divine, Abigail channels glowing light into our lives with an energetic bomb of love! She motivates and teaches us to raise our vibration and work on our spiritual selves through the use of intentions, guides and the creation of our tribe. This circle of amazing women empower each other to be our best and shine. Abigail has helped me channel the light I have within and use it toward an amazing and powerful life's journey. I look forward to every meeting and I know that you will too!!!"

-Tamra P

"Abigail is one of the most peaceful and beautiful souls I have encountered so far on my journey. She is so open, welcoming, and full of practically pours off of her. After my reading, I felt revitalized and refreshed, infused with a new sense of purpose and stamina. Thank you, darling, for being who you are and sharing that with the world!"

-Haley P.

"Working with Abigail is truly amazing. I love being around her energy and when she provided this space I was like, heck yes! This group is so powerful with amazing challenges that really has helped me examine my soul and I have quantum leaped into my dreams and are making them my reality daily. Abigail is such a beautiful soul and holds you in such high vibration that you easily can make huge changes and transform your world. The other women in the group are absolutely amazing and I'm so proud to call them my sisters. There is such a beautiful flow and we really support and lift each other up. I highly recommend this group to anyone who wants the support, accountability to go after your dreams."

-Crystal P.

VIP Option

Cosmic Illuminations coming at you!

Abigail Mensah-Bonsu

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