Teaching, Empowering and Inspiring people to take back their power and be the creators of their own life.

Who is Abigail?

My Name is Abigail Mensah-Bonsu and I am a Pioneer Goddess Leader, Spiritual Teacher, and a Life, Relationship and Spiritual coach.  I am the creatrix of the Moon Goddess Academy and the Moon Goddess Circles.  

"As a leader, Abigail has an infectious glow and brings balance between loving nurturance and challenging one's inhibitions. She has gently allowed for me to deeply and safely reveal my truths."


- Laura P.

I work with people who have lost their way, their power, their magic and their voice in the chaos of the world and who are ready and committed to step into their Divine Magic, Power, and true Essence.  


I guide people to their Greatness, inspiring them to truly own their Divine Essence, Power, and Worth to create a high vibration life, their own version of Heaven on Earth.


I guide women in the remembrance of their Divine Goddess Essence, who they are at the core.  I awaken their soul gifts, activate their voices, and empower them to create and Live the lives they truly desire.

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